Postural Rehabilitation


An Essential Therapeutic Modality for the Canine and Equine Athlete!

You can become a more effective healer and achieve deeper connections with your patients than you ever imagined possible.  You can learn how to identify and correct the initiating causes of musculo-skeletal disorders and disease, rather than treating the symptoms alone.

Postural Rehabilitation is an integrative, science-based approach to alleviating chronic performance problems and preventing musculoskeletal injury.  It provides a global perspective on how manual therapies alter the complex systems that control the neuro-musculoskeletal apparatus in animals.

The training program includes in depth study of the neuroanatomy and neurophysiology concerned with initiating and maintaining normal standing posture and locomotion, analysis of distal mechanoreceptor systems that contribute to postural control (upper cervical, stomatognathic, distal extremity), and diagnostic and treatment methods using applied clinical neurology and advanced neurologic reprogramming techniques.

Through lectures, demonstrations, hands-on labs and individually tailored tutorials, participants will learn how to diagnose and treat postural abnormalities. Correct posture promotes normal function of the neuro-musculoskeletal system while at rest, allowing healing to take place.  Correct posture integrates the movements of locomotion, improving performance and decreasing the risk of injury.  Postural Rehabilitation training also emphasizes correct postural usage for the practitioner, both to facilitate effective kinesthetic communication with animals and to prevent work related injuries.  The program utilizes unique team teaching approach, with integrated contributions from our clinical, scientific and kinesthetic experts throughout.

Training programs are open to licensed professionals (DVM, VMD, DC, PT) and are approved for AVCA continuing education hours.  Educational programs for trainers and other animal enthusiasts may become available later.

For more information, call Dr. Gellman at (607) 227-5406, or e-mail

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Dr. PJ Broadfoot, will give talk on
Homotoxicology, 3/20/11, 6:30 PM, sponsored by ASBRM
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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Course Participants— 

The Postural Rehabilitation teaching team will be taking a Research Sabbatical, starting Fall 2014.  We are still fully committed to improving animal’s lives by restoring normal neutral posture, but we need time to process the enormous amount of data we collected in the AHVMF funded study this spring, and turn it into useful publications for veterinarians, chiropractors and horse-owners.  

Stay tuned to the Postural Rehabilitation for Horses and Dogs, and the Maximum Horsepower Research Facebook pages for current PR news.  If you are interested in Postural Rehabilitation clinical training programs for DVM, DC and PT practitioners, please send your e-mail and snail mail address to us  Each of us are also available for private consultation and individual teaching-- see Faculty page.  You will be the first to know as we schedule new educational events. As always, your questions, suggestions and feedback are welcome!

Thanks for your understanding, ongoing support and participation!